Saturday, September 02, 2006

Off Camera Flash

The following photo was taken at a welcome party for our pastor's family who just moved up here from TX.

For this photo I used a Slow Sync technique along with the off camera flash, I had a friend manually discharge my SB-600 Speedlight from the right of my subject. Because he was shooting through a decorative latus it caused a interesting set of shadows across the photo. Also, due to the slow shutter speed of my camera, the photos blurry quality creates more interest and mystery to the picture.

Camera Settings:
shutter - 2"
ISO - 400
f/stop - 3.5
focal distance - 18mm

The next two photos utilized the same "off camera flash" technique just from different angle.

If you don't have an external flash unit, but have two "point and shoot" cameras you can achieve the same results by turning off the flash assist on your primary camera and slowing your shutter and using your secondary camera's flash for your key lighting

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You actually posted that pic of me?! lol...