Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Client Site Launch - Dan Waibel Designer/Builder

While on the slopes yesterday I received an email informing me that Dan Waibel Designer/Builder went live with their new site. This particular news is exciting for me due to spending all of last year working with them to photographically capture their portfolio.

Dan Waibel is designer and builder of high-end custom homes throughout Central Illinois. As you will quickly witness from their portfolio, each house, each remodel, each custom furniture piece is it's own unique work of art. Their attention to detail and styling is simply magnificent. 

I hope you enjoy browsing their portfolio as much as I did capturing it. You can visit their whole site at www.DanWaibel.com

In Christ,
David Price

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Julie - Senior Photography - Peoria, IL

Our first week in February and Peoria, along with the rest of the midwest, got dump upon with 15-20+ inches of sweet white stuff. Unfortunately, I was down with flu so I missed the opportunity to get out in it while it was busily building up around me.

This past weekend I remedied that, by getting out for a senior session with a Julie. Needless to say, 15 inches of snow creates a pretty interesting environment for photography. It was a welcome change from the  norm. The normality being fall colors and city streets. Don't get my wrong, I enjoy those settings, but it's just great to have a change up!

You'll noticed however that some of the photos look very summery... that's thanks to the lovely Luthy Botanical Gardens in the Peoria. They've kept up a wonderful indoor atrium that was perfect to add a little variety to the final collection.

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I hope you enjoy!

In Christ,
David Price