Thursday, February 10, 2011

Julie - Senior Photography - Peoria, IL

Our first week in February and Peoria, along with the rest of the midwest, got dump upon with 15-20+ inches of sweet white stuff. Unfortunately, I was down with flu so I missed the opportunity to get out in it while it was busily building up around me.

This past weekend I remedied that, by getting out for a senior session with a Julie. Needless to say, 15 inches of snow creates a pretty interesting environment for photography. It was a welcome change from the  norm. The normality being fall colors and city streets. Don't get my wrong, I enjoy those settings, but it's just great to have a change up!

You'll noticed however that some of the photos look very summery... that's thanks to the lovely Luthy Botanical Gardens in the Peoria. They've kept up a wonderful indoor atrium that was perfect to add a little variety to the final collection.

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I hope you enjoy!

In Christ,
David Price

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