Tuesday, October 17, 2006

moving truth...

This is a recent effort my brother-in-law and I are making toward building up of the Christian community with a passion toward the creative arts of Photography and Cinemaphotgraphy. We are hoping to attract the whole gamut of Christian artists in these fields and hope to provide information and articles which help strengthen their love and honor for the Lord along with their interested in these Arts.

Being finally completed with the site, TJ and I are really interested in seeing some activity and interaction fire up. So for all you out there that have questions, techniques, experience, visit our forum and start posting. we have a few introductory topics, but more can be added as interest grows. Below is a list of various features which can be found on the site.


... Event calender
... Forums
... Articles
... Links to external resourses
... a chance to meet other likemind artist with the same interest and goals
... plus more to come!

Just a little about the founders:

TJ Daper is my brother-in-law among other things. He is currently in the profession of Film and editing. He currently works with Franklin Films along with its sister company Franklin Springs Family Media. I have worked with him directly on conference taping and DVD production. He is proficient in Final Cut Pro, along with DVD Studio Pro and in general the Apple platform. He also has had extensive experience in the audio production and recording for film production.

I myself have a deep interest in Photography. I am currently working towards my bachelors in Graphic Arts, and hope to be finished sometime in 2008. Through this education I have developed my passion for photography. Begining of this year I have been working on starting a studio specializing in the photographic arts. Including the digitizing of older photos and slides along with the traditional photography services. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop along with the general Apple platform.

In Him,

Friday, October 06, 2006

Audience Participation "Round 4"

Hello again, I realize I am on a roll, but I am just getting cought up. This following photos was taken from the back of our house. The camera settings where as follows.

ISO 200

In Him,
David Price

MM 142 - Post.07

In this assignment, we were instructed to create a photorealistic montage. Our final masterpiece could push the bounds of reality, but there should be nothing in the photo that would suggest this. Everything needed to be taken into consideration. From the lighting to perspective. I ended up creating two different montages. I did two because as I was working on the first I wasn't sure how it would turn out so I came up with a backup idea. Below are my two compositions. I would be interested to know which you think I finally submitted, also share which one you like best.


Speed Trap

In Him
David Price

MM 142 - Post.06

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. During this time I have completed two assignments the first covered the art of portraiture. We are told to get two portraits. One needed to be of a fellow student and the other needed to be of a (stranger) or someone I didn't know too well. They didn't defined "too well" too well so I decided that my boss would do the trick. I was already schedule to take some portraits of him so it work out perfectly.