Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a slow approach to lightning

A couple of nights past I had the opportunity to sit on my deck and enjoy several hours of magnificent lightning. I had my camera ready of course. That night it recieved quite a work out as I kept it clicking away constantly. However, because of the quick nature of lightning it is virtually impossible to predict and therefore created problems for photographing.

My own personal solution included a way for me to enjoy the lightning as a person while also taking pictures of it. Usually I am faced with the problem of disassociating myself with my subject and therefore never fully enjoy the actual moment. With this lightning store it was a different case. I shot from the hip that night. I also used very slow shutter speeds. By using long exposures I could point my camera toward the activity and during the 10 seconds I could sit back and enjoy the lightning. By using this method I was able to capture the photo below along with others.

Nikon D50
10 sec (shutter)
50mm MF
ISO 200


Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is a compilation of 9 photos I shot of a sunset after a storm. This is the view from the back of our house.

I owe getting this picture to my sister who heckled me to come and look at this sunset. Thinking I had seen about every sunset out there I wasn't too enthusiastic when she told me to I should get a picture of this one. I took one look, grabbed my camera and came back and took the 9 pictures which make up this wonderful scene.