Saturday, September 23, 2006

MM 142 - Post.05

Hello again! This past Thursday I turned in an assignment and today I'm here to share it with you. The objective of the assignment was to find either a quote, verse, song lyric, bathroom graffiti, or anything that was verbal or written inspiration. Then, gather photos and compile them into a final image that represents the theme conveyed in the passage. After a weekend of thinking and pondering various sources I came up with "Not all who wonder are lost". You may be familiar with this quote, it is taken from J.R.R. Tolkiens book trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. I took this quote and derived the image below. Let me know if you can decipher the meaning of the quote in it. Also share any other comments you might have as well... "David, you're insane" is also a plausible comment assuming you feel it applies.

In Him,

Thursday, September 14, 2006

MM 142 - Post.04

Well I managed the presentation of my last assignment. Thanks for the all the contribution and comments, it really help me feel prepared and confident.

The next assignment asked for a photo utilizing unique lighting usage. I chose to go downtown and shoot some long exposure photos of various cityscapes. The following are the semi-finalist from all my photos and from these I chose the winning photo to be handed in. Pick the photo, which in your opinion, best accomplished the assignment topic.









In Him,

Thursday, September 07, 2006

MM 142 - Post.03

Next assignment - I have to say it was kinda a mystery to me. I was confused conserning what the instructed wanted. A normal person would have asked clarifying question, but not me. I go ahead and shoot 40 or so photos of a fire hydrant compile them together during class and then ask (after the fact) if this is what he was looking for. In retrospect this could have been a disaster if the teacher hadn't said "yeah, looks good".

Anyway, Below is the turned in assignment. I would tell you what the assignment was, but frankly I am still uncertain. So from the perspective of (does this look good?) what do you think? I am interested in your opinion...

...I have to present this to the class for a critique next Tuesday.


p.s. I do know that our instructor did want us to use various filters and such in this assignment.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Audience Participation "Round 3"

Here is a photo I shot back on July 1st, 2006. Share your thoughts as to WHY or WHY NOT it is a good photograph. Also if you spot anything in the photo that is intriguing to you please share.

If you find yourself speechless then please just leave a ( * ) to ( ***** ) rating.

In Him,

MM 142 - Post.02

Assignment 1:

Capture 5 photos depicting the words below.






Please share you comments on whether you think I fullfilled the assignment. Let me know which one you think best describes its word.

In Him,

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Off Camera Flash

The following photo was taken at a welcome party for our pastor's family who just moved up here from TX.

For this photo I used a Slow Sync technique along with the off camera flash, I had a friend manually discharge my SB-600 Speedlight from the right of my subject. Because he was shooting through a decorative latus it caused a interesting set of shadows across the photo. Also, due to the slow shutter speed of my camera, the photos blurry quality creates more interest and mystery to the picture.

Camera Settings:
shutter - 2"
ISO - 400
f/stop - 3.5
focal distance - 18mm

The next two photos utilized the same "off camera flash" technique just from different angle.

If you don't have an external flash unit, but have two "point and shoot" cameras you can achieve the same results by turning off the flash assist on your primary camera and slowing your shutter and using your secondary camera's flash for your key lighting

In Him,