Saturday, December 24, 2005

Long Exposure

Here is a picture shot with my new DSLR. This photo was an experiment to see the noise level generated by this camera during long exposures. It was shot with a 6 second exposure time, a f10 stop, and a ISO speed of 200. I have to say I was amazed at the results. Take a look at the close up and let me know what you think


copyright 2005 David Price

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Illustrator

These are a few projects in illustrator I have done. I am still working on finishing up the girl published on previous posts. She is almost done.

Copyright 2005 to David Price

Above is the final project for my Illustrator class.

Below is a new project I am working. It will hopefully make it to a 3' by 12' panarama print

Copyright 2005 to David Price

I am always interested in comments and critiques. Let me know your thoughts and please share any questions.


All images, above and below, belong to David Price and cannot be used without his permission