Monday, July 02, 2012

Midwestern Agriculture - Commercial

Here's a new image series I produced to add some variety to my portfolio. I captured some harvesting shots last fall and decided I needed to get some representing the planting process.

There is often a whole lot more going into any given commercial image than a camera man and a subject. As usual I was the photographer in this instance. However, I had considerable help throughout the entire process. Alex Neukomm contributed his creative expertise in the area of art direction. Kevin Schick and Emil Bandy were the farming experts because as you might have guessed I am no farmer. Sierra Candler did a fine job behind the BTS camera. I am looking forward to getting that video together sometime soon. In addition to that I would be remiss in not giving credit Brian Niesen for his excellent farmer modeling skills, to Lenna Candler who helped out with food, and the Schick family for letting us take over their farm for a few hours. With all their help the creation of these images was made possible, thanks!