Thursday, September 14, 2006

MM 142 - Post.04

Well I managed the presentation of my last assignment. Thanks for the all the contribution and comments, it really help me feel prepared and confident.

The next assignment asked for a photo utilizing unique lighting usage. I chose to go downtown and shoot some long exposure photos of various cityscapes. The following are the semi-finalist from all my photos and from these I chose the winning photo to be handed in. Pick the photo, which in your opinion, best accomplished the assignment topic.









In Him,


Watchful said...

I like #2

Rachel said...

Hmmm, my personal favorite is #1, but that is because I like pictures that aren't too unusual. As to unique lighting usage, I don't really know. I think #7 may best use lighting. The others use lights, but I'm not sure whether the effect is due to the lights or long exposure time. But I'm not sure exactly what your instructor was asking for by "unique lighting". So which picture did you turn in and how did you do?

Ashton said...

Ahh, I like #2 & #4... :-D

Holly said...

I love the pictures!
I very much liked 2,4,5...but after that I stopped looking at the numbers since I could tell I wouldn't be able to pick. ;)
I was sent over here by Ashton, so you've him to thank for the comment. =D
*is happy he sent her so she got to see the pictures*

Brooke said...

Something about my filter won't let me see the pictures (it's a moody filter), but you get this comment from me because of Ashton! Yay!! Ashton's a cool guy, isn't he?

Kevin said...

Hey, I like the stairs pic the best. I must say, these pictures you have
put up on your blog are some of your best!

Ben H said...

My vote's for #7

The Unknown said...

The finalist was 7. I chose this photo because I thought it displayed the most unique and interesting use of light. It was shot downtown Peoria Illinois. The color in this photo was produced via the differing light temperatures. The incondecent light is a very orangish while florecent lighting (the lights illuminating the stairs) is usually green, however after altering its hue in photoshop it appears blue.