Thursday, September 07, 2006

MM 142 - Post.03

Next assignment - I have to say it was kinda a mystery to me. I was confused conserning what the instructed wanted. A normal person would have asked clarifying question, but not me. I go ahead and shoot 40 or so photos of a fire hydrant compile them together during class and then ask (after the fact) if this is what he was looking for. In retrospect this could have been a disaster if the teacher hadn't said "yeah, looks good".

Anyway, Below is the turned in assignment. I would tell you what the assignment was, but frankly I am still uncertain. So from the perspective of (does this look good?) what do you think? I am interested in your opinion...

...I have to present this to the class for a critique next Tuesday.


p.s. I do know that our instructor did want us to use various filters and such in this assignment.

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