Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I know it has been a long time but I am here to tell you about a new "tool" I have picked up and started using with my camera. A few days back I picked up my first external flash unit. Nikon has dubbed it the "SB-600 Speedlight". Since my puchase I have enjoyed several key features included.

#1: Power!

#2: 270 degree swival head

#3: Power!

#4: and again Power!

Now there is a lot included within the word "Power" that I am not specifying. With the "power" of the flash I'm am able to do short burst whereas with my on camera flash I am crippled to one shot at a time. The other aspects of Power is the range of the flash. It is capable os being effective up to 98 ft. Power also comes into play for the use of the swival head. with that feature I am able to use flash everywhere indoors and bounce the light off of walls, ceilings, and even floors if need be.

Here is a picture of my dog taken with my new flash unit. the light is bounced of an adjacent door (right). with this lighting, pleasing shadow detail is created on the left side of her face


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Rachel said...

She is just so cute...you can even see her tongue hanging out just a bit. :-)