Monday, January 10, 2011

Film + Fashion Photoshoot - Peoria, IL

This past weekend I invited some photography friends out for some experimenting with some old film cameras I received as a gift (see post: "unexpected gift"). We were blessed by the presence of two wonderful models, Caitlan and Alyson. Both models, surprisingly, were only in the area for a short period of time. One was from Idaho and the other - L.A.. To say the least... it was a fantastic happenstance. Due to the cold January weather here in Illinois we set up a black seamless in a large warehouse and hunkered down for a day of shooting.

Here's just a tiny preview of what is to come... unfortunately we won't have the film developed for another couple weeks, but hopefully this will tide you over until then. Oh and Matt Blick of Cellar Media, my favorite BTS guy, came and shot some footage for me. I hope to throw something together for you shortly!

In Christ,
David Price
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