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Film + Fashion Behind the Scenes - Peoria, IL

Once I start a project I like to wrap up the loose ends quickly. So here I am, before my previous post is cold in its grave posting the semi-conclusion to the Film + Fashion photoshoot. I say "semi" due to the fact I still have not developed the film from this little expedition. That detail is dependent on others to make happen and therefore must wait. Anyway, it got me thinking. Why not release the BTS from the shoot now along with the digital images that were shot and then re-release it along with a developing BTS video once I get that developing bit taken care of.

Project Background
Some of the "why" questions regarding this shoot will not be answered in the BTS video. I didn't think on my feet fast enough to talk about that on set. So, I'm going to take the opportunity to answer them now. Why film? well, I am a product of my generation and while I'm a photographer, I have actually never shot/developed film before now. I didn't go to school specifically for photography and therefore never had the opportunity handed to me.

However, the fascination with film as grown over the years and after literally 4 book boxes full of old camera's being dumped in my lap I couldn't pass up this opportunity to give film a whirl. Dirk Jaegle, friend and strong film advocate, came along to provide insight and shoot alongside. Needless to say we had a blast.

Throughout the entire day we tested out 5 cameras:
• Argus 35mm w/ a 50mm f3.5 lens
• Spartus Full Vue (120 film)
• YvigAlander Billiant (120 film)
• Tower (120 film)
• Agfa Isolette (120 film)

Another camera that you'll see a lot of throughout the video is the Kodak Dualflex IV. Unfortunately this camera shot 620 film which is harder film stock to come by so we weren't able to give it a run at this point, but it made for a great prop.

The Video
As always I was blessed again by Matt Blick of Cellar Media doing the BTS filming. Matt and I have done several gigs (Mission: Acquire, Herbie vs Challenger, Archer and Zowie) together and I love the work he produces.

To view the photos from the event click here

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