Monday, December 13, 2010

Another short film experience.

Since my introduction to Matt Blick of Cellar Media, I'm am really starting to get into making these short films. This past weekend I work with Matt and a crew of other highly creative and talented people up near the quad-cities. In 48-hours we produced a great little short filled with excitement, adventure, suspense, and action. In addition to my roll as gaffer (lighting person), I was also turned out to be the "acting coach". Since we were working with a 10 and 12 year old it somehow fell on my shoulders to coach these young actors before each shot. Thankfully I had a lot of help from Kelli who did a tremendous job at making sure they were costumed up and ready to go when needed. To say the least I had a blast working with these Kids. They both had a lot of energy that they poured into their parts and really made my job a lot easier. I hope you enjoy the film!

Emily Soria - Zowie
Garret Auberg - Archer
Kelli Hedding - Alien, mom
Hans Bluedorn - writer, producer, editor
Matt Blick - director, DOP, color correcting
Jason Stanford - visual effects
Aaron Auberg - bubbles
Andrew Anderson - bubbles, smoke
David Price - acting coach, music, lighting, Alien food sounds
Nathaniel Sisson - sound design
Kelli Hedding - costumes, child wrangler
Ethan Anderson - crowd control
Helena Bluedorn - food
Noah Richardson - second camera
Bruno Rosas - alien design
Auberg's - location

In Christ,
David Price
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