Monday, March 02, 2009

Shooting in Peoria

So my title is a little misleading, while I don't think Peoria's crime rate is the greatest statistic I don't think anybody was shot (with a gun) Saturday. I'm actually referring to a photography. As you know I try and get out and shoot with a group of photographers. This event is what I've been calling "Experimental Shoots" (It needs a new name, have any suggestions?).

Anyway it was cold this past weekend, but the shots acquired made it well worth it! Check em out at the links below and let me know what you think!

Facebook Gallery

Photo Blog

Black Olive Photographic Gallery


taryn said...

Good work... sad I didn't make it. How many came?

The Unknown said...

We had a good turnout this time as well and everyone was new to the shoots. We had 6.5 photographers and 2.5 models.

Oh and here's the kicker! Nikon's dominated the field. I think it was 4-2. =)

taryn said...

Oh shoot. I should have been there for the sake of upholding the Canon name. I'm curious as to what the 1/2 model and 1/2 photographer looked like.

Anyway... keep these coming... I can't wait until it warms up. We'll have to do a March shoot once we start seeing some of this 50-60 degree weather!!