Thursday, January 22, 2009

Share on Facebook...

So if you're like me you're probably curious as to why your seeing little facebook logos all around the internet. Like on BestBuy online. If you're looking at a product you'll soon notice the little bitty facebook link near by.

These links have a purpose and if you haven't experimented with them yet, here's your opportunity! These are facebook share links. They allow viewers to quickly share the site/product their looking at to all or just a select group of friends on facebook. The reason I bring this up is I just recently (last night) integrated these babies into my site's homepage and blog. Check em out! and if you haven't tried them yet, knock yourself out and start share my sites with your friends!

Black Olive Photographic
Black Olive Blog

I'm always curious to know you think! Voice your thoughts concerning both this post and my new little additions!

In Christ,
David Price

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