Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some changes

I am planning on making a move to a new blog location. While I make my plans I intend to try some designs and see how they are recieved. To see what I am currently considering please visit the new location.

In some ways this is like an open house, but please let me know what you think. I am not completely set on this new look, but a couple of reason I like is its big picture. The purpose of the blog will be changing and has been changing slowly. I will be using it to keep my friends notified and up-to-date on projects. Basically I am connecting my blog with my studio - Black Olive Photographic and all the cool things that I have been learning in the world of photography. Basically it will be a means for you too keep informed on what I'm working on.

So now that you have the background for the moving... let me know what you think!

Link to "New Location"

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