Thursday, August 07, 2008

The best way to learn something... to teach someone else. Kinda interesting how that all works.

With this I would like to encourage all those who are interested in photography to ask questions and insist on feedback. I draw my inspiration from other photographers. One cool thing about photography is that it is an art form which means "we" the photographers have the final say in how the photograph should look. We don't have to listen to others, but it is always good to know what your photos are saying to people. Get feedback!

Photography is like writing. You can always improve your technique and expand your knowledge base from which to draw ideas from. Like writing, photography communicates. Just like writing you can communicate something very simply or spend a lot of time and be complex. Both are great, but there needs to be variety. Sometimes there is a need for a simple statement, but often times is after something vary complex. Elaborate sentances mixed in with the simple, straight-forward statements. The same is true for photography. Simple is nice and pleasing, but having variety is better. Mix it up!

Now I wouldn't suggest something without offering a easy solution. If you haven't heard yet, a ministry with the purpose to bring Christians artist together to share ideas works really well for this kind of thing. Registration is free which means there is NO excuse.

If I haven't made it blantently obvious already I'll just come out and say it. If you have question concerning photography, photoshop, or anything else relating to images I would love to help if I can. While I'm by no means the all-knowing photography genius. I would like to help if I can.

A couple of photography resources which have help and inspired me are... (careful) (careful)

In Christ,

p.s. if you found this post hard, down right painful, or boring to read then I have made my point - "photography techique like writing can always be improved. However if NOT improved then others suffer!"

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