Saturday, July 26, 2008

Johnny's Coffee House Concert

Last evening I had an opportunity to attend a Johnny's Coffee House concert. I'v had previous intentions to attend one of these, but never could get it to work with my schedule. For those unfamiliar... Johnny's Coffee House is located in Metamora, IL and hosts, on a regular occasion, indy bands both local and from neighboring towns. While I generally don't have a interest for this style of music... the performances do offer great photo opps.

I have posted a gallery on my site if you're interested in taking a look.

Johnny's Coffee House Gallery

To provide some insight into how I set up these shots. I placed a single flash behind my subjects and moved it from either side of the stage depending on who I was trying to get a picture of. I used this like to make my subjects pop or to add color to the photos. I used the house's stage lights as my primary light source. This is the light that exposes the faces of the musicians.



"Johnny" said...

You have some amazing shots here! It's my personal opinion that you have captured the art and energy of our shows! I am honored that you chose our venue to feature in your art. Thank you so much! We hope to see you again many times over!
Much Love!

The Unknown said...

Thanks! I hope to be able to come back again.