Monday, March 20, 2006

A Turning Point

Someone asked me a while back, why I started watermarking my photos. I have a clear answer to give, ownership. I have met many people who refuse to acknowledge the rights belonging to a person to own a work they have created, or in my case captured. Many people justify, their actions of appropriating photos for personal or commercial use by saying “I could have done this”. Well if this is true I would recommend to them that they do just that. If photography or other forms of art were simple or easy to replicate, it wouldn’t be rare, it wouldn’t be sought after, and people would never pay for it.

As a photographer I spend a lot of time behind the camera taking pictures of various people and their daily expressions. I often get weird looks and crazy stares but it is what I enjoy doing. However this dedication to the art of photography allows me to capture distinct facial expressions, even as it disassociates me from congenial interaction. The benefits received by me staying glued to the back of the camera are; un-posed, purely original, and truly keepsake photographs. I prefer to take candids for this very reason but often people assume that I am merely doing it for my own entertainment and that I am willing to shoot anything because of this enjoyment.

As a photographer striving to start a studio, I am faced with the challenge of promoting myself professionally and often times come across as protective and snobbish. This is not the case, I am very eager and happy to provide photos to people who ask, but appreciate people who realize the cost of time and money, past and present, I have spent in the ability to provide memorable photos.

To end this note, I would like to thank all those of you, who have acknowledged and appreciate what I have been and am doing.


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