Sunday, March 26, 2006

Audience Participation "Round 2"

here is the second photo in the series.

If you find yourself speechless then please just leave a ( * ) to ( ***** ) rating.



Ben H said...

I like it. It's funny knowing where it came from. I'll say 3 1/2-4 out of 5 stars for lack of color in the branch. Sorry if it gets better at larger sizes. It almost feels underexposed to me.or a little dimmer than i would prefer.

Love the composition! Great Shot.

The Unknown said...

well this had a good turnout! I guess my blog is the "place to be"

Many thanks to Ben H for your imput.

Personally I like the silhouette style of the tree top. I specially like it against the natural gradient of the cloudy sky backdrop.


Watchful said...

I'll give this one a 3 star rating... I'm not especially fond of the mostly empty frame.

Anonymous said...

This is Jason P.

I give it 0.5 for being digital ;)

No seriously, I'd say a 3. I like the color, and the exposure seems right on for the silhouette. The only thing I'd suggest is filling more of the frame with the branch.

Anonymous said...

Jason again.

Upon second review, I'd up it to a 4. The watermark was visually distracting me. Mentally removing it improved the shot. I'd still consider filling the frame a bit more, but not a whole lot.