Saturday, July 23, 2005

1 a.m.

Waiting patiently for well over 3 hrs now, I have been exporting my recent video project from the computer to minDV tape which if you are unaware is all in realtime and takes forever. By writing to tape I will be able to clear up some Hard Drive space for future projects. Gondoliers my current project is taking a wopping 117 some gigabytes of space.

Gondoliers (current): This project was a DVD creation of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "The Gondoliers" put on by a local Homeschool group I, being a graduate from this group came back this year to video tape, organize, and direct the making of this DVD which was made available to the families.

China Students Illinois Visit (future): A friend of mine was over in China teaching english to chinese students. She wanted them to be able to come over and experience the United States first hand, she set it all up and brought a small group over for a couple weeks. They are doing a load of things while over here and video taping it all. They then wish to hand off the tape to me for the creation of a DVD. I have till tuesday night to work on the project. and then it MUST be finished and delivered.


Watchful said...

1 a.m. huh? You are as bad as I am sometimes.

Watchful said...

Hey, aren't you ever going to post anything else?

The Unknown said...

Sorry, I will do my best to get something of interest up soon.