Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jedediah Smith + Peoria, IL + fstoppers.com

As part of a "behind the scenes" (BTS) competition submission for fstoppers.com, Me (Black Olive Photographic) have teamed up with Cellar Media and Justin Dwyer Photography to create something unique in this modern day photography. Rather than finding a young attractive model to grace our camera's lens, or some fast and exciting vehicle, we decided to go in a different direction... Back in time. We chose a fairly unknown historical figure to recreate "plausible" moments from his life. Jedediah Smith was an early American trapper who was known for his exploration of the west. He was a man of high moral grounding and was renowned and respected for his Christian faith and integrity.  Another interesting tid-bit about Jedediah was his commitment to the journaling of his expeditions. He would document his travels and was one of the first recorded individuals to travel to California by land.

His commitment to journaling, I felt, made him an ideal candidate for the fstopper's spotlight. Since BTS is all about education and documentation, Jedediah's habitual journaling fit right in. I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek of our photo shoot.

(Images Courtesy Cellar Media)

Location: Sommer Park, Edwards, IL

In Christ,
David Price
Black Olive Photographic
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