Thursday, July 07, 2011

WIll+Lindsay - Wedding Video - Peoria, IL

It's always a blessing to have the opportunity to work with clients in different capacities. Will Waibel has, for the last year or so, trusted me with the photography of his custom designed homes [Dan Waibel Designer/Builder]. Of course Will's has long left the "client" category and has found his way into the "friend" zone. When they asked me to film a highlight reel of their wedding I was super excited. I knew it was going to be awesome!

Will and Lindsay found an incredible location to make the memory of their wedding even more beautiful. Peoria, IL is home to the Pettengill Morron house which has been standing for almost 150 years. The vintage setting really provided an incredible atmosphere making my job a piece of cake.

Congratulations Will and Lindsay!

UPDATE: We have just launched out new Wedding Cinematography Blog were we will be discussing all things pertaining to wedding videography. Come and join us!

If you're interested in wedding videography drop us a line.

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