Friday, October 29, 2010

Three great wedding photographers here in Peoria Illinois

Black Olive Photographic is matching up with select photographers throughout central Illinois to offer a comprehensive video montage package. Each of the photographer has their own unique style and approach to capturing your special event and since I work directly with each photographer our integration is seamless. Wedding planners will no longer have to juggle videographer and photographers, but both services have be wrapped into one bundle. 

Keeping it short and sweet:
One of the major mistakes a bride can make is thinking she'll want the entire ceremony and reception captured. Not only is this very expensive, it doesn't always result in something that's enjoyable to watch later down the road. With Black Olive's montage you get a quick refresher of the day's highlights, sparking memories that will last a lifetime. You don't need every moment captured just enough to help you remember those special moments. 

Keeping it simple:
With the seamless integration of photographer and videographer you no longer have to worry about them messing each other up. We know how to work with and accommodate each other. Plus, your final video will showcase some of the best images from the photographers collection.

Black Olive is the there the entire day, I arrive with the photographers and leave when they're finished. I capture the entire day and condense it down into a tasteful 2-5 minute montage that can be watch and enjoy by friends and family for years to come. And with the use of social media networks like YouTube and Facebook our clients have the ability to share their movies with relative around the world.

I currently work with three stellar photographers based locally in central Illinois.

How will you remember your special day?

In Christ,
David Price

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