Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things have been happening...

We we had a first experimental shoot since the initiation of the Peirao Group. Again, another great collection of shots from everybody. Click on the picture below to view the entire gallery!

Next... I've recently met up with a group of guys who've started what they call the "Frames Collective". Basically they're a bunch of photographers interested in quality scenario photography. While they're planning a more technical shoot for later in June, we got together recently and just shot around. Click the picture below to view the entire gallery.

And continuing on... I recently completed a job for Stuber Land Design. This home was absolutely incredible. You've probably seen it before on my blog, but here are some new angles. Click on the picture below for the complete gallery.

This is the last bit which should catch me up for a short time. I got a call from a friend who is working on a project to renovate the classic "Madison Theater" in downtown Peoria. A theater which has been active up until 2002 offering the area a great concert venue. They're hoping to raise awareness and get it back in business! Click on the image for the complete gallery.

Well that's it! Signin' out for now.


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