Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ronald W. Reagan Society Event...

(aka: the Gorbachev Event.)


That right, It's behind me! For those who didn't know this past weekend I was hired to take pictures of a the prominent former soviet leader during his visit to Central Illinois, but more specifically his visit and support of the newly established Ronald W. Reagan Society at Eureka College. This particular society is intended to maintain the living legacy of Ronald Reagan through the work at Eureka College.

Starting at 9:30 I arrived at the college to figure out credentials and such before the ________ hit the fan. Gorbachev was planned to arrive at 11am in his motorcade. and take a brief walk through the campus, stopping momentarily at the Ronald Reagan Peace Garden and then continuing on into the Reagan Museum. This particular part went by very quickly and I must add that reporters are an interesting breed of people. I'll leave it at that.

Once we got to the museum, Gorbachev was given a private tour, private from the press, I was still allowed take photos of the event. After which Gorbachev was directed into a small room for Lunch and a phone call with Nancy Reagan. This was the coolest experience of the day. Being able to witness the conversation take place via the speaker phone and watch Gorbachev's expression changes throughout the conversation. Incredible.

The rest of the day was exciting, but nothing measured up to the telephone conversation. You can view the entire day at the link below or by simple clicking the picture above!

Gorbachev Event Gallery

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