Sunday, February 12, 2006

Strength in numbers

Quantity is a real factor in taking nice pleasing candids. Even really good and experienced photographers don't get good photos 100% of the time, however they may get a higher percentage. The answer then is to shoot and keep shooting. The other night at a a local benefit talent show, I shot over 335 photos and out of those pictures I recovered 13 nice shots.

The lighting was poor and flash was not a possibility. The only available lens that was fast enough for that lighting condition was a manual focus 50mm f1.8. Focusing manually can be a little difficult. specially when the camera it is attached too doesn't provide a focus aid. The majority of my problem was in focusing, however I did have some exposure issues as the lighting varied from act to act. The other factor to the night was I was confined to a single seat, it would have been weird to get up and move about for better angles and such.

Here are a few of my winners.


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Wildwing said...

I love to one of DR jost! Great shots!