Sunday, January 08, 2006


Saturation in a photograph can have a lot of emotion effects on how the image is perceived.


This normal photo was taken mid day. I was using natural light (sun) and the person, the guitar, and the stones seem very bleak. I have several renditions of this photo below to illustrated the benefit of varying the saturation beyond the "normal" photo.

"high saturation"

"low saturation"

"black and white"


copyright 2005 David Price


Ashton said...

I like the high saturation pic personally...

The Unknown said...

I like all of them personally, however I think the desaturated mellow colored one is my favorite. I think it represents the feel and setting of the photo the best. However this is always up for interpretation.


Watchful said...

I'm going for the low saturation one (the one in the middle). I like it the best.